How To Buy The Perfect Gift

Gift buying can be stressful, especially when you’re buying for someone special. A well-chosen present can make the recipient’s day, but if you get it wrong it could end in disappointment and upset. (We’ve all received a dodgy present!)
So how do you buy the perfect gift? Read on for some tips…

It’s important to have an idea of how much you want to spend before heading to the shops as it’s easy to get carried away! Having a large budget does not always guarantee a great present though. Some people might be impressed and flattered by an expensive gift, but if it doesn’t suit them it will soon be consigned to the bottom drawer and forgotten. If funds are limited then something handmade like a cake or photo album will show how much thought went into it.

It’s the thought that counts
Truer words were never spoken! Being thoughtful and considerate when choosing a gift means you can’t go wrong. Even if the present is not entirely right, the recipient will appreciate the effort you’ve made. In fact studies have shown that when it comes to gifts the thought counts more than the price tag.

Ask them
Most people love surprise gifts but unless you are certain they will appreciate your efforts it’s best to ask if there is anything they particularly want first. Their wishlist may contain items you consider boring but they will be happy with them. You could always buy a small inexpensive surprise item like sweets or chocolate too.

Know the person
How well do you know the recipient? Make a list or think about their interests and hobbies, style and colours they wear. Are they going on holiday soon or have they recently moved? Do they have any allergies or phobias?
If you have similar tastes or shared interests it will be easier to find something appropriate – if you love it, so will they.

Whatever you choose to buy, include a gift receipt if you can – just in case!



Still stumped? We’ve rounded up a few ideas below from our listed suppliers to help you buy the perfect gift.


Personalised Gifts

Hendrix and us sign
Hendrix & Us

Hendrix & Us based in Kent, have a wide range of gifts including the sign above that can personalised to your requirements. They offer worldwide delivery or local delivery in Rochester.

Ava & Amelia design an array of beautiful beaded customised bracelets & key rings which can be ordered via Instagram or on their Etsy page.

Ava & Amelia


You can’t go wrong with a bit of bling! Charlie & Chesca design and make gorgeous bracelets, necklaces and earrings in sterling silver, gold and rose gold filled. They also offer a bespoke service and deliver worldwide.

Charlie & Chesca


Balloon gifts

Balloon hampers are great fun – just pop the balloon to get your hands on the presents! Pop A Balloon For Any Occasion, Bursting With Love and Gift A Bubble are just some of the companies offering balloon hampers.

Pop A Balloon For Any Occasion

Children’s Gifts

Bubbles and Bows sell a range of bath products designed for children including bubble bath, soaps and bath bombs. They are all handmade in the UK using natural ingredients and are suitable for vegans.  

For little princesses, Mia Moo designs and makes wands, glitter and sequin crowns and gorgeous tulle skirts.

Food & Drink

The options for delicious food and drink presents are endless!  From graze boxes, waffles and afternoon tea to cocktail delivery there’s something for everyone. 

Cody’s Waffles deliver grazing boxes which include all the yummy toppings anyone could wish for. There are five different options to choose from including a vegan box. 

cody 1
Cody’s Waffles

If it’s cocktails you want, Cheshire Mobile Bars, Albert & Charlie’s and Three Piece Events all deliver cocktail gifts and offer masterclasses.

Other Activities 

  • Pottery – for someone who loves arts and crafts, making a pot or painting ceramics could be just the thing. The Old George Studio offers pottery lessons in Hertfordshire, and PotStop and Manic Ceramics have lots of pottery ready to paint.

  • Cookery Masterclass – if your recipient has always wanted to cook up a certain dish then this is the gift for them! Take a look at our cooking & baking page to find cooking parties and classes.

  • Distillery/Brewery Tours – these have become a really popular way to find out more about the history of favourite tipples while sampling the goods! At The Ginstitute in London, you can learn all about gin and botanicals, and even create your own blend. 

  • Driving Experience – for petrol heads a driving day will give them an unforgettable experience. 


For a year long gift, a subscription is a good choice. Here are some options:

  • Netflix

  • Magazines

  • Wine/Beer/Gin club

  • Book club

  • Cheese club

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