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Love sports? Then embrace your competitive side and host the best sports themed party! There are many different options for party with this theme – you could focus on a current sporting event (such as Olympics, World Cup, Wimbledon), pick your favourite sport, or keep options open and theme it around sports in general. Whichever way you decide to go, guests will have great fun dressing up and arriving at the party in sporting outfits or dressed up as their sporting heroes. You could even give bronze, silver and gold medals or trophies to the best dressed!

Read our suggestions below for organising a winning sports themed party…

Outfits & Accessories

General sportswear
Sportswear from a specific sport – e.g. footballer, runner, cyclist, skier, gymnast, jockey, cheer leader, darts player, racing car driver
Other sporting roles – e.g. commentator, journalist, coach, physio, 
Sportswear fancy dress – e.g. 118 runners, 80s shellsuit, inflatable sumo suit
Famous sportsmen and women – e.g. Usain Bolt, John McEnroe, Cristiano Ronaldo, Torvill and Dean, Kevin Keegan, Evil Knieval.

Room Decorations

Sports themed balloons, plates, napkins, table covers etc
Bunting – flags
Pictures of famous sportsmen and women
 Cardboard cutouts of sportsmen and women
Face masks of famous sportsmen and women
Inflatable balls
1st, 2nd, 3rd place podium (great for photos!)
Screen playing famous sporting moments from history.
Sports themed backdrops
Spare masks for guests


Serving food that you might typically buy at a sporting event is a great idea. You could even set up your own ‘food stall’ with…
Hot dogs
Pies (mini ones would be ideal if providing a buffet)
Chicken wings
Don’t forget the sweet stuff!
Sport themed cake, cupcakes and cookies
Orange quarters
Strawberries & cream


Refreshing cocktails such as Woo Woo, Daiquiri, Mojito

Entertainment & Services


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