70s Party

With its iconic fashion and music, the 70s are a fantastic decade to pick for your party. Once your guests arrive in costume and the retro music is playing, there will be an instantly great atmosphere with everyone heading to the dancefloor ready to get into the groove!  Costume choices are endless – hippy style, glam rock style and disco style are easy to find and for those who want to add extra touches, wigs and make up can complete that 70s look. 

Dressing up as 70s stars is another option and again there are an abundance of choices – how about The Village People, Abba, John Travolta, Wonder Woman or The Flintstones to name just a few? 

Outfits & Accessories

Patterned or floral dresses
Platform shoes and boots
Frayed jeans
Midi skirts
Maxi dresses
Mini dresses and skirts
Hot pants
Jump suits
Tie dye
Peasant blouses
Headbands and scarves
Shirts with big collars
Pop stars and other celebrities

Room Decorations

70s style invitations
70s dancefloor silhouettes
70s star posters / pictures
Photos of party hosts (and perhaps guests) in the 70s
Table confetti
70s themed napkins, plates, cups
Prizes for best dressed
Coloured, light up dance floor
Disco ball
Disco backdrop
Tinsel curtains
Candles in wine bottles


Cheese and pineapple on sticks
Retro sweets


Tequila Sunrise
Long Island Iced Tea
Pina Colada
Blue Hawaii

Entertainment & Services

70s band / singer
Abba tribute band
Photo booth with 70s accessories
Sweet cart (retro sweets)

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