Hawaiian Tropical Party

Summer is the obvious time to plan a Hawaiian tropical party but why not brighten up the winter nights with a colourful theme. The garden might be off limits, but there are plenty of venues to choose from and it means you won’t find any party remnants in your flowerbeds!

However, if you do choose a summer party, using your garden or a venue with some outside space would enhance the atmosphere (if the British weather holds out).

Outfits & Accessories

Hawaiian Shirt
Flower Lei
Grass Skirt
Funky Sunglasses
Straw Hat

Room Decorations

Inflatable palm trees
Tiki hut bar
Beach sign
Fairy lights/lanterns
Grass skirt for tables
Table confetti
Hawaiian bunting
Pineapple decorations
Limbo stick
Hawaiian couple cardboard cutouts


Chicken skewers
Pizza bites
Pineapple rice
Fruit salad


Blue Hawaiian
Pina Colada
Tequila Sunrise

Entertainment & Services

Photo Booth
Cocktail Bar
Marquee Hire
BBQ Hire
Bouncy castles
Inflatable games


Pass the Orange
All the guest stand in a circle and pass an orange around using only their chin and neck – no hands allowed! If someone drops the orange they are out, or they could do a forfeit like a funny dance or take a drink. 

Everyone loves a piñata! Buy a Hawaiian themed one and fill it with sweets and trinkets. 

Get your guests in the Hawaiian tropical party spirit with a limbo game. Buy a limbo set or an inflatable limbo stick, crank up the music and lower the bar after everyone has had a turn. Give a prize to the last one standing. 

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