11 Fun Indoor and Outdoor Easter Ideas

Easter is nearly here which means lots of chocolate, egg hunts and a feeling of hope! Although we might not be able to celebrate in the usual way, with some restrictions easing at the end of March we will be able to meet people outdoors. 

With that in mind we have rounded up some Easter ideas and activities to enjoy indoors and in the garden this year.

11 Fun Indoor and Outdoor Easter Ideas

Egg Hunt

An Easter egg hunt is a must! Whether it’s in the garden or indoors if the weather is bad, an egg hunt is enjoyed by all ages. For older kids or adults, you can make it more challenging by hiding them more discreetly or leaving cryptic clues around the house or garden. 

If you want to join with friends or family, why not go to each other’s gardens and hide eggs. You could even have a race to see which household found theirs first! 

As an alternative to finding lots of chocolate, you can turn it into a scavenger hunt where people have to find Easter related items to receive one bigger egg. Or for adults, hide beer bottles or cans of G&T.

Garden Games

As we will only be able to meet people outdoors, garden games are just the thing to bring on the fun! But if you don’t want to buy them you could hire instead. It’s In The Party Bag, based in Essex, have a selection of games from giant darts & chequers to croquet for hire. All games come with a rules board, white picket fencing and solar lights for the evening too.

Putt Mad can deliver a 6 hole portable crazy golf course to your back yard. Perfect for mini golfers!

11 Fun Indoor and Outdoor Easter Ideas
It’s In The Party Bag

Egg & Spoon Race

Such a simple yet fun game! You can buy special kits but it’s so easy to use your own spoons and hardboiled eggs or small Easter eggs. Create a start and finish line and off you go! If you want to make it more difficult, add some obstacles to climb over or go under, and if anyone drops their egg they have to start again. Don’t forget a prize for the winner!

Egg Bowling

We can’t go tenpin bowling yet but we can set up our own egg bowling at home! All you need are some empty plastic bottles and a couple of Easter eggs (smaller solid ones are best). Set up the bottles and see who can get a strike first!

11 Fun Indoor and Outdoor Easter Ideas


It’s always great to get out in the garden in the spring but even if you don’t have a garden you can still plant some flowers or seeds. This is a lovely activity to do with children as they can water and care for their plants as they watch them grow.

Magical Visits

Children get really excited about the Easter Bunny’s upcoming arrival so what better way to keep the magic going than with a visit from the bunny himself or their favourite character. Megstars Parties, based in Canterbury, can arrange for a Disney princess to deliver an Easter egg to your door making it even more special.


Another great activity, especially for a rainy day, is egg decorating. There are endless designs to choose from but if you’re looking for inspiration here are some great ideas from Good Housekeeping.

If you’d rather buy a kit with everything included, we there are lots of companies that can deliver them, like Twinkle & Snug who have Easter craft kits which include a variety of activities.

11 Fun Indoor and Outdoor Easter Ideas

Easter Egg Piñatas

Kids of all ages love a piñata! You can buy them ready made or if you’re feeling crafty you can make your own. Take a look at Oh Happy Day to find out how to make them.


Simnel cake is traditional at Easter and if you’ve never made it before this could be the year to try (as long as you like marzipan). We made this Mary Berry recipe last year and it was delicious!

If you’re not a baker but would still like to indulge, you can find a cake maker on our directory to make you an Easter showstopper or a treat box of goodies to share.

For kids who love to bake, The Little House of Baking has a special Easter brownie baking box. The keepsake wooden box includes all ingredients and instructions and also some craft items.

Gazebos & Igloos

The weather in April can be unpredictable so a gazebo or garden igloo might be a good idea. They can also be decorated to match your Easter theme and fairy lights are a must! If you want to combine the two, lightsforfun.co.uk have a selection of Easter lights including pastel coloured eggs.


Make your home feel springlike inside and out with some Easter decor. Wreaths, painted eggs and chicks will give you Easter vibes and you could even get your Christmas tree down from the loft and decorate it Easter style!

However you spend the Easter holidays, we hope you have a fabulous time with loved ones. Stay safe!

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