9 Awesome Winter Birthday Party Ideas

Winter birthdays can be difficult when deciding how to celebrate, but with a little imagination they can be just as special as a birthday at any other time of year. Here are 9 awesome winter birthday party ideas to give you inspiration.

popcorn cinema party

1Cinema Party
Whether you host a movie party at your local cinema or in your own home, it’s sure to be a popular choice! If you’re uncertain about going to the cinema with the masses, you can always hire it out for your party. Book The Cinema offer exclusive private hire for a more personal experience.
If you opt for a home cinema party there’s no end to the decor and accessories you can add. From movie themed invitations to popcorn and sweet boxes, everything can be personalised to suit your event. For an extra special touch, why not add an Igloo and watch your favourite film under the stars.

2Ice Skating
Fun for all ages, ice skating is a great way to get everyone together to celebrate a birthday. It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice or a natural skater, you can glide across the ice holding on to each other, or a penguin! And don’t forget, every ice skating session should end with hot chocolate and marshmallows!

9 Awesome Winter Birthday Party Ideas

3Hawaiian Luau
Forget the wintry weather and throw a tropical Hawaiian party! A summer themed dress code will get your guests in the party mood from the moment they say aloha. The decor can be as over the top as you like, with palm trees and pineapples aplenty. Colourful cocktails (or mocktails for younger partygoers) will add to the atmosphere.

4Dance Party
If you have a Strictly fan, then a dance party could be perfect. From disco and street dance to ballet and ballroom, there are companies to host your party while you sit back and relax. The best thing is, while they’re enjoying themselves learning a routine, they’ll also be burning off some energy!

indoor picnic

5Indoor Picnic
Luxe Picnics aren’t just for summer, they can be enjoyed all year round! As they can be styled in any theme, they can be totally personalised for the birthday girl or boy too.

6Spa Day
Book a spa day for you and friends to enjoy some relaxation and pampering. Alternatively, you can organise a pamper party in your own home for you or your children. Choose from nail and spa treatments for a tip top celebration!

slumber party

7Slumber Party
Kids love a sleepover so organising a night with their friends will definitely make you popular! Whether you’re cobbling together bedding to fit them in your living room, or hiring teepees for the occasion, a great time will be had by all – just don’t expect too much sleeping!
If you are short of time, using a sleepover company is a great option. Not only will they setup and takeaway everything for you, they will also have lots of themes to choose from giving your party the wow factor.

8Hot Tub
No matter what the weather, a hot tub can add some luxury to your occasion. Enjoying a soak in the warmth of the tub can be even more special when the temperature outside is a little chilly. You might need some protection from the elements though, so adding a gazebo or hiring an igloo might be a good idea.

dome interior

9Hire an Igloo
Igloos are so versatile allowing you to enjoy being outside throughout the seasons. From movie nights and dining in, to hot tubs and casino nights, whatever you have planned it will be more magical during the dark winter nights.

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