Party Planning Checklist

Planning a party can be fun but with so much to arrange it can be easy to forget the essentials. We’ve created this party planning checklist as a guide to help you stay organised in the build up to the big event. 

To keep all of your plans in one place, download our free printable party checklists at the end of this post. 

Select a date

Usually you have a date in mind when planning a party, but if you want to hire a particular venue it’s best to check with them before deciding on a definite date. It’s also a good idea to check the availability of your most important guests.

Choose a theme

A themed party is really fun to plan and even more fun to attend. If you need some inspiration read our party theme ideas.

Create your guest list 

Draw up a guest list bearing in mind the numbers you can accommodate and the fact that some will not be able to make it. These handy tips from will help you create the perfect guest list. Sending save the date emails is also advisable.

Book a venue, entertainment and services

Book venues, DJs, photographers, caterers etc as soon as possible so you don’t miss out. If you are catering or using a company, don’t forget to ask your guests if they have any any dietary requirements.

Send invitations

Your invitations should include the date and time, address of venue, theme/dress code and RSVP date.
Once your guests have accepted you could create an event page on Facebook with photos and extra details, like helpful hints on costume ideas.

If you’re creating an event, go ahead and create a shared photo album too! Ask your guests to upload their photos of the night so everyone can see them.

Top Tip: Update your guest list as soon as people reply – it’s easy to lose track of numbers when you get a lot of responses at once.

Plan the decorations

Find themed decoration ideas online that will transform your home or venue for the night. Make sure you have enough to decorate your room, or it will look too sparse and spoil the theme. The more detail you include the better the atmosphere.
If you are making any decorations give yourself enough time to do so.

Draw up a seating plan, if needed

Take into consideration personalities and whether people will know others there.

Create a playlist

The right music is vital for a great party atmosphere. Put together a list of floor fillers so your guests dance from the get-go.

Chat with neighbours

If you’re having a house party it’s a good idea to make your neighbours aware – unless they’re invited of course!



The fun starts as you can now decorate your venue! Get some friends or family to help you as it will take longer than you think! Leave inflating the balloons until a couple of hours before the party starts.

Top tip: Don’t forget to take photos of your decorated room before the party starts.

Welcome your guests and enjoy your party! 


Thank yous

Thank all your guests on your Facebook events page or email them. As you open gifts be sure to write down who gave you what so you can send thank you cards later.

Download our free party planning checklists below:

Kids Printable Party Planning Checklist

Adults Printable Party Planning Checklist

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