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At Party Ideazz we love to get to know the party providers on our directory. Everyone has a story and it’s lovely, and inspirational, to hear how and why people chose to start their businesses. 

Delarose Events 

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Jadine Mullings

Delarose Events specialise in planning, managing and styling weddings and events in and around Hertfordshire. It is owned by Jadine Mullings, a fabulous lady who is passionate about what she does and has a great eye for detail. We asked her a few questions to find out more about how she started her business, what her job is like, her future plans and even what her favourite party drink is (it’s a new one for us and we might just have to try it out!).

When did you start your business? 
I started in 2017 by planning and organising events for friends and family, however I branched out in 2018.

What made you start an event planning business? 
I’m a naturally organised person and I love a good checklist! I’ve always loved planning events, birthdays and parties, and over the years I was the one to pull dinners together, coordinate nights out and create gift packages. I soon became the go-to person within my friends and family. 
The fantastic feedback I received after organising my sister’s baby shower, along with the experience gained with my degree inspired me to give it a go. 

What do you enjoy most about what you do?
I like meeting new people, building relationships and being able to be creative. I love seeing the faces when a vision has been brought to reality and generally being a part of someone’s special day be it planning, setting up and decorating or making a personalised item/gift.

Are there any particular type of events that you most like planning?
I like them all as they are special in their own way, however if I had to choose it would be weddings and baby showers/gender reveals.

Delarose Events specialise in event planning , styling and management for all occasions

What challenges have you had to overcome since starting your business?
Staying self-motivated and not comparing my business with other businesses which may appear to be doing better than me! Throughout my previous jobs I was always told that I was very good at staying self-motivated and engaged, so I thought that it would be easy for me to bring those qualities to my business. It wasn’t until I started my business and especially through lockdown, that I realised how hard it is sometimes to stay self-motivated and disciplined. Being a one-woman business and not having colleagues, or managers to engage with was hard. However, through this I have networked and built relationships with other self-employed people, and it’s encouraging to know I have an amazing support system who I can go to for advice.

How do you keep yourself motivated?
I set myself goals each day and align myself at my workstation choosing a good playlist to get me through the day. I love the creativity involved in events, so that in itself keeps me motivated as I’m always creating something different.

In what ways has Coronavirus impacted your business this year?
Many of my earlier events/weddings have been postponed to next year or cancelled. Things are still uncertain at the minute so there is a lot of adapting and playing things by ear.

Do you have any plans for future developments?
Yes definitely, I see my business expanding into different avenues and hopefully locations!

Finally, what’s your favourite party drink?
Hennessy with apple juice or a shot of tequila

Delarose Events is based in Hertfordshire but also covers Bedfordshire, Essex and London. They can help plan, style and manage your event – no matter how big or small it is. For more information, take a look at the listing on our directory. 

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