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Watching a movie with friends is a great way to spend an evening for both kids and adults, but going to the cinema isn’t very straightforward right now. Instead, why not bring Hollywood to your own back garden and host an outdoor cinema party? In this 4th part of our Garden Parties blog series, we look at how to host a fantastic Outdoor Cinema in the comfort of your own garden.


Setting up your own DIY cinema at home can be done with a projector, a screen (which could just be a white sheet) and a sound bar / speaker system. However, if you don’t have the kit, this could quickly get very expensive! Luckily, as more of us are looking for alternative ways to celebrate at home, a growing number of companies are offering outdoor cinema hire at very reasonable prices. These usually include a large screen  projector, sound bar and all the kit needed to connect DVD players or to stream movies from your own devices. Have a look at the Outdoor Cinema page on our website to find a company in your area (and let us know if you can’t find one, we can help!)

Photo from Outdoor Cinema Experience (used with permission)


Some Outdoor Cinema Companies, such as Outdoor Cinema Experience in Hertfordshire, include seating in their hire packages. But if they don’t, you can easily make sure that your guests have somewhere comfy to sit by using cosy outdoor cushions, picnic blankets, chairs or bean bags. (Don’t forget to provide some blankets in case it gets chilly in the evening too!)

Photo from Outdoor Cinema Experience (used with permission)


No trip to the movies is complete without some snacks! Why not make up boxes of popcorn for each guest, provide them with a pot of Pick’n’Mix, or hand out tubs of ice cream for that authentic feel? Take a look at the ‘Sweets and Chocolate page on our website to find businesses that can provide you with a range of sweet treats for your guests – some even do movie night boxes! If you want to push the boat our further, you could even hire a popcorn machine such as the one available from It’s In The Party Bag in Essex.

Photo from Outdoor Cinema Experience (used with permission)

Finishing Touches

Once you have planned everything else, it’s time to think about how to create the perfect setting. You could use props and décor linked to the theme of movies or to the actual movie you are showing. If it is a kids party, you could provide them with a movie ticket to show when they arrive for that extra bit of fun! For a more grown up feel to your event, you can create a sophisticated, yet cosy, setting by using candles, lanterns, fairy lights and bunting. 

Photo from Outdoor Cinema Experience (used with permission)

For a real treat, why not combine your Outdoor Cinema Party with some ideas from our other garden party blogs? You could book a hot tub and relax before the movie starts, or hire a bell tent and have a sleepover in the garden after the movie….you could even do all three!

Happy celebrating!

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